History and mission

Muzeum Polskiego Czynu Zbrojnego w Armiach Sprzymierzonych was established to commemorate a great combat effort of the Polish Armed Forces in the West. The foundation stone for the museum were excellent restored military vehicles from the Second World War which were used among others by the Polish forces serving at all second-war fronts.

To make our collection publicly available, the museum participates in various historical celebrations and reenactments, both at home and abroad, as well as intends to build a museum in Borkowo nearby Żukowo.

The museum’s mission appeals directly to cultivate a national identity and patriotic tradition, introduce to the past and show a momentousness of particular historical events as well as provide a lot of unforgettable impressions and emotions in order to create a cross-generational museum.

The President of Muzeum Polskiego Czynu Zbrojnego w Armiach Sprzymierzonych is Mr Leszek Słabek, a history enthusiast and collector of second-war military vehicles.